Mhel's Senior Services
Caring Companionship:
Conversation and socialization Stimulation
      Crossword puzzle
      Look  at old photos, reminise
      Create an indoor or garden surprises
      General encouragement
      Aid with reading, discuss current events, writing letters or cards
      Assist with walking, physiotheraphy, Exercises
Meal Planning and Preparation:
Plan and prepare meals followed by clean-up
      Prepare grocery list
      Check for food expiry dates
      Prepare meals ahead, label, and freeze in individual meal size for future use
      Clean and organize fridge and cupboards
Incidental transportation
Errand Transportation
Escort Service for
      Doctor’s Appointment and rehab
      Shopping and groceries or clothes with or without the client
      Running errands
      Picking up prescriptions
      Drop off, pick up dry cleaning and library book
      Mail letters
      Dinning out, visiting friends
Providing peace of mind and comfort for the elderly and disabled...